The African Paleosciences Laboratory depends on a vibrant and diverse volunteer community. Below are some of the lab's more recent volunteers and information about their lab activities.

Audrey Choi a PhD student in biological anthropology at New York University and the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology. She is interested in the biocultural evolution of the genus Homo and intend to use similarly adapted extant non-human primates to answer questions regarding the complex relationship between environment, behavior, and morphology in archaic hominins. Working in the African Paleosciences Lab has given her the opportunity to learn about the factors contributing to lithic assemblage variability and strengthen her ability to make inferences about how hominins were behaviorally adapting to their environments.

Phoebe Halper is an undergraduate senior in anthropology at New York University. She is interested in biological anthropology and studying the hominin fossil record as a means to answer questions about human evolution. She is also specifically interested in encounters and interbreeding between archaic hominins

Reid Worroll is a Masters Student of Biological Anthropology at New York University, focusing on human skeletal biology. He is interested in the application of both comparative morphological and experimental research as a means of examining the the complex intersections of hominin cultural and biological development.

Olivia is a junior majoring in history and minoring in Native American and Indigenous Studies. Her research interests coincide with the APL's lab work that helps us learn how to make tools and understand our own bodies. She enjoys approaching processes from a historical perspective as well as an archaeological one. Go lithics!

Saul Shukman is a junior at New York University studying anthropology with a focus on archaeology. He is particularly interested in Paleolithic archaeology and questions concerning hominin biological and cultural evolution. He is fascinated by the study of hominin sociality, mobility, and morphology.

Tammy Xing is a junior majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Genetics. She is interested in biological anthropology and learning about the evolution of different hominin traits.

Hannah is a senior at NYU studying Anthropology with an interest in human evolution and paleoanthropology. She minors in Archaeology and Creative Writing, and beyond the lab she serves as a Poetry Editor for the literary magazine The Rational Creature.